Worst day ever continues!

Yesterday my family and I were trying to drive from one store in the shopping center to another store in the *same shopping center* and we took a wrong turn and got lost for 10 minutes in a strange neighborhood.

Guess who got a 2030 on my SATs?
Me. I did.

Remember when the hunger games was cool

Divergent was ah-maz-ing

Living a two steps from hell appreciation life

Anonymousasked: "The Mishapocalypse didn't hurt anyone", actually, it hurt the only person who really has a say in a giant prank being made of his face - Misha. The Mishapocalype hurt Misha by making that photo be the first thing that pops up pretty much anywhere when people want to look into him. It made his first impression on literally millions of people a giant, annoying joke. He was NOT happy, he made tweets about how uncomfortable it made him, so having another would be rude as fuck, honestly.

You can’t put one thing on tumblr without the army correcting you.
I made the post about the people who think they’re cool because they don’t do stuff or because they’re above “memes”
Also what search are you using? I scrolled down fifty pictures on google images “misha Collins” and none of them were the mishapocolypse.
I feel bad if he feels uncomfortable, but I’m pretty sure it’s because people bug him about it all the time, which is the truly annoying part.
You don’t get into acting for the obscurity.

I’m not saying you’re wrong because guess what? This issue is a matter of OPINION!

http://jesse-goat-221b.tumblr.com/post/80059744663/butterflydm-mishadmitrikrushniccollins-thank LOOK LOOK WHAT I FOUND

Do teenage boys actually play muffled rap music or is it just emanating from their basketball shorts?

My number in this science fair is 4 13

"dont redo the mishapocalypse" 

"dont try to start another prank"

"don’t do anything on april fools day111!!!!11!11

Plz stop reblogging this
I posted it like 5 months ago
It’s the dumbest thing ever